Elite – competent, reliable, cosmopolitan
Why Elite


Our aim is to create travel with a meaning while respecting the local culture and customs. We are helpful, fair, open for new ventures and aware of changes, which we educate our partners about.


We are the only German-Omani owner-managed incoming agency in the Sultanate. Unparalleled philosophy and competence define us. We provide niche products that we believe in. Our portfolio serves class not mass. Excellent connections make extraordinary moments possible.


We turned our passion into our profession and do everything whole-heartedly. Leading by example and having the courage to explore new ways are our strength. The sky is the limit, no step is too far to satisfy our valued customers.


One for all and all for one: employees, suppliers and clients are our long-term partners. Through transparent and honest communication we create a tolerant, loyal and fair environment. Team spirit is a key factor for success. Without our varied and valued partners we would not be where we are today.


We take the role as ambassadors of our beautiful country serious. Sustainability through protection of nature and culture, respecting local customs as well as providing employment to local people is our duty. 


All offers are tailor-made to the demand of our bespoke clientele. We train our employees continuously to ensure top quality during the reservation process and while in Oman. Staying in close contact with guests during their stay is our credo. Our services are sourced internally with own employees, cars and facilities.

Industry Relations

With the combined experience of 120 years in tourism, the Elite management met all movers and shakers in the industry. We maintain excellent relations with hotels, suppliers and government. This results in preferred commercial agreements, priority access to inventory and fast solutions to challenges.

Financial Background

Established for more than 10 years, we have a proven sound financial track record. Our sizeable liability insurance policy covers every eventuality.


Our reservations system with integrated accounting and operations modules enables us to act and react fast and without fail. We have the latest technology including XML integration to serve any requirement.