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Meet the people that are the heart of the country

Oman is a country that is steeped in a deeply rooted religious and conservative background that stems from the Islamic religion practiced in the region. However, touches of modern and western influences can be found in the larger cities such as the capital, Muscat.


Oman_EliteTravelTourism_OmaniFamily.jpgThe People

Oman has roughly a population of about 2 million people, all of varying backgrounds and ancestries. A rich and long history in trading has established it as one of the leading ports in the Persian Gulf this has resulted in an intermingling that has made the Omanis a group of ethnically diverse people.

The majority of the population consists of Arabs but there are other ethnic groups represented such as        

  • Baluchis
  • Lurs
  • Lawatis
  • Zanzibari
  • Mehri



The "Bedouin" or as referred to in Arabic as “Bedu” travel the Arabian Desert living in the desert and on the outskirts. Bedu’s are known for their nomadic lifestyles as shepherds, primarily raising sheep, goats and camels. They are one of the groups of people that are prevalent in the many categories and ethnicities that make up Oman.



The official language of Oman is Arabic but English is widely spoken by many in the larger cities and you will find street signs, and predominantly most of the restaurants menus in both Arabic and English.



Omanis are a very polite and formal people, with a well-deserved reputation for being amongst the world’s most hospitable. Visitors are met with a warm welcome that is full of an openness and eagerness to share their unique culture.

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