• Elite – competent, reliable, cosmopolitan
    Elite – competent, reliable, cosmopolitan

Travelling with respect earns respect.

i love oman teaser 03As proud ambassadors of beautiful Oman, we take our responsibilities very serious. With deep love for this country we take care of environment, community, customers, partners and employees. We respect nature, wildlife, culture, customs and educate our guests about dress code and ecologically friendly behavior. Our support to the community is, to create jobs and buy local produce. 

In order to preserve the beautiful locations that we visit, we ensure that no new trails are created and no footprint whatsoever is left. When travelling off the beaten track, our guides make sure they follow the course already in existence to minimize the damage to natural materials. Clients are encouraged to be aware of rubbish around them. We pick it up and dispose of it in bins or give it to the support staff. Reuse of drink bottles, shopping bags as well as minimization of water and energy use is encouraged.

We provide a far richer experience for our guests through more meaningful encounters with native people, and a greater understanding of local, social and environmental matters. We are culturally sensitive and promote respect between tourists and hosts to build local confidence.

By doing so, we create better places for people to live in and better places to visit.