• A real exploration
    A real exploration

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Since 2011 Elite operate their own fishing division No Boundaries, based in Shuwaymiah, a remote coastal village in South Oman.

Our strategic location grants easy access to the archipelago of islands, 'The Hallaniyats', in Europe better known as 'Khuriya-Muriya Islands'. Located 50 km offshore these five isles offer one of the last untouched fishing grounds in the world and are home to the only non-migratory humpback whales in existence. They also provide refuge to huge pods of dolphin, Manta rays, turtles and most exciting of all, game fish.

Most clients target the monster Giant Trevally (some 60 kg+), but there is so much more to fish with a variety of billfish, tuna, the razor gang, dorado and reef fish, all waiting to besiege your lure.

Our wonderful location also offers fantastic shore and reef fishing at all times of year with species such as queen fish, blue fish, bream and snapper caught right off the beach.

All fish are catch and release after tagging and registering.

The No Boundaries lodges are charming places to stay, offering comforts with a touch of Arabia. All guests have access to our kayaks, surfboards, stand-up paddle boards and mountain bikes. Our private adventure camping is also available on the Hallaniyat Islands.

For more information visit www.noboundariesoman.com or contact us.