For those looking for a bit more adventure, Elite are delighted to offer camping all around Oman. Whether on a mountain, in the middle of the sand dunes or on a remote beach, you can enjoy Oman's natural landscapes in safety and comfort anywhere you wish. Our different camping options and locations can be reached with a guide or on your own with a rental car.



Luxury Camping

Experience a unique blend of high quality service, extreme comfort and a laid-backstyle in breathtaking remote locations.

Luxury camping in the mountains and the desert both provide a great base for those wishing to combine a stay at one of Muscat's hotels with an outing into the interior. For those who really want to explore the more remote corners of this beautiful and peaceful country, we can create a truly bespoke glamping experience. 

The beautiful luxury camping tents are furnished with beds, pillows and duvets, a bedside table and seating arrangement. Each nicely decorated bedroom tent has it’s own discreetly positioned bathroom tent, which is open to the skies. Toilets are essentially ‘long drops’, however are covered by a comfortable wooden seat. Each bathroom will also have a washstand with basin, jugs of water, toiletries and a bucket shower where water can be heated. 

Please note: The freshly home cooked meals are prepared with local flavors and influences. We cater for all food preferences and intolerances. 

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Roof Top Tent

Elite is the first Omani destination management company offering their own roof top tents. 

This style of camping has long been a tradition in places such as Africa and Australia. It has proven to be the Alpha in comfort and convenience for serious wheeled adventurers by being spacious, smartly designed and durable. The tent deploys smoothly by one person.

Roof top tents sample better than ground-based tents by keeping you elevated from mud, rocks, dirt and critters. Sleep save and never wake up in a pool of water again. Say good-bye to having to find rock-free, flat camping grounds. With superior view and ventilation the roof top tent is our preferred camping choice.

Wake up feeling fresh after a good nights sleep on a high-density foam mattress and comfortable pillow on an insulated strong aluminum base construction rated 300 kg. A durable sliding/locking aluminum ladder provides easy entry into the deployed tent.

Please note: Additional campers sleep in regular tents. Our roof top tents are available in Muscat and Salalah.

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Basic Camping

You can even enjoy a good old traditional camping experience.

Elite offer a selection of basic tents and necessary equipment, to make your camping holiday a true experience. Like-minded family members or friends can join roof tent campers as our 4x4 jeeps allow for four passengers in addition to the driver.

Please note: All camping options can be booked with a tour guide, who deploys the camp and cooks traditional Omani food.

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