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Are you searching for an engaging career opportunity that offers both, a meaningful experience in a new country and a chance to enhance your portfolio? Then we are the right place for you! At Elite, we are constantly looking for hard working new talents that have a fresh perspective and creative ideas.




We believe
in talent

We believe that in this world there are some absolutely awesome people who have the imagination and skills to create extraordinary things. If that’s you, we want to work with you.



Can offer flexible 
fulltime work


Elite is an organization based on full-time work. However, there are many people who for different reasons including family and studies, are looking for challenging and rewarding part-time work. We offer work opportunities to talented people who want certain flexibility.






As German certified instructors (Ausbilder, IHK), we offer young talents and students an opportunity to widen their horizon in a professional, European managed company based in a foreign country. Positions available are for either permanent employment or on an internship basis.





Elite values you

At our company we take human resources seriously.Our managers are trained to ensure a harassment free work environment, provide clear objectives and offer opportunities for career development.

The management understands the importance in providing a working culture that is built on giving regular performance feedback, positive affirmations and mentoring opportunities. We value in ensuring our employees are highly motivated and support their journey to success.




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