• Elite – competent, reliable, cosmopolitan
    Elite – competent, reliable, cosmopolitan

We believe in Talent 

We believe that in the world there are some absolutely awesome people who have the imagination and skills to create extraordinary things. If that’s you, we want to work with you. 

Flexible Full-Time Work 

We are an organization based on full-time work. There are many people who for different reasons, including family and studies, are looking for challenging and rewarding part-time work. The Omani labour law does unfortunately not provide for this however we offer work opportunities to talented people who want certain flexibility. 

Certified Instructors 

We are German certified instructors (Ausbilder, IHK). Our aim is to source for young talents and students who wish to widen their horizon in a professional, European managed company in a foreign country. Be it for permanent employment or internship. 

HR Standards 

We take human resources seriously. Our managers are trained how to properly interview candidates, develop appropriate job descriptions, track vacation, sick leave and lieu days, look at total rewards and ensure an harassment free work environment.  Elite provide clarity about expectations, career development and earning potential. The management give regular feedback about performance, coach, motivate, hold scheduled meetings and provide a framework within which the employee perceives (s)he can succeed. 

We are an elite team servicing our elite clientele. 

Sounds enticing? If you are a tourism professional or about to become one, send us your Curriculum Vitae today.