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in the United Arab Emirates

Dress Code We recommend that you wear loose comfortable clothing as it will be warm. Comfortable footwear for walking is advisable; so is a sun hat The United Arab Emirates are a Muslim country thus it is important to observe a certain dress code. In public places, women should wear garments that cover their upper arms and legs. Avoid appearing in public dressed in shorts, tight trousers, bare-backed or low-cut dresses. Men should wear long trousers and shirts. Shorts and sun tops are only worn at the beach or by the pool
Alcohol Alcohol is not part of the Islamic culture and thus only served in licensed restaurants and hotels. Please do not drink alcohol in public or outside of licensed establishments. During the Holy Month of Ramadan alcohol is served at licensed hotels to in-house guests only and is available through room service 24 hours. The emirate Sharjah does not allow any alcohol

It is strictly forbidden at all times to drive under the influence

Smoking Smoking is prohibited in all closed public places such as shopping malls, hotel lobbies, restaurants, most bars and public transport
Ramadan in the holy month of Ramadan it is not allowed to eat, drink and smoke in public and advisable to refrain from swimming and sunbathing in wadis and on public beaches
Single Lady Travellers UAE is one of the few countries where women can travel with almost no interference as long as a certain code of conduct is respected (see also Dress Code). Sit always in the back of a taxi; in Dubai taxis dedicated for women and driven by women are readily available. You recognize them from their pink top. Bear in mind that Arabic women would never travel without male escort. If asked why you are alone a suitable answer could be that you visit family in the country or that you are on an important business trip. Wearing a wedding ring and carrying family photos helps, even if you don’t have a family